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Blue Telescope worked with Liberty Science Center to develop 12 multimedia experiences for the opening of C3TEC, the first science center in the Caribbean. A series of exhibits use custom physical interfaces (built by Superior Exhibits and R.H. Guest) to combine digital media with hands-on, tactile interactions.

Visitors to Interactive DNA tap an oversized double-helix to change the inheritable traits of a morphing digital avatar. Energy at the Gym lets visitors burn off the calories in their favorite foods using stationary bicycles.

At Energy Processors, visitors use a gas pump to fill a virtual car, and observe the differences between electric motors and combustion engines. Sustainable Building gives visitors custom blocks to design a model house, while a digital display analyzes the environmental impact of their choices. And Energy Habits at Home presents a life-sized walk-through house, where visitors can activate everyday appliances; animated characters comment on the action and provide an overview of the home’s energy consumption.