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Journey to Ellis Island is an interactive activity developed for a new retail space at Ellis Island to help young visitors imagine the experiences of children immigrating to the United States.

Using a multi-touch interactive tabletop, up to four visitors can participate independently. Users begin by choosing one of six fictional characters representing children immigrating through Ellis Island in the late 19th century. From here visitors go through the stages of processing, from packing suitcases to medical exams to choosing their ultimate destination.

Along the way, mini-games use gesture-recognition technology to present educational challenges, such as matching chalk symbols to medical ailments or performing a virtual mental health test. As visitors advance, their character icons move across a central board-game style map of Ellis Island.

The face-to-face, multi-user interface was designed to encourage collaboration and social interaction among the target audience of children and younger teens.

  • Communicator Award, Interactive Multimedia/Education (Gold)