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Blue Telescope developed Human Tree, a permanent interactive exhibit at the new National Museum of Mathematics, which lets visitors become a living work of fractal art.

As visitors approach a large projection surface, they see their images reflected back to them within an abstract landscape, with their arms replaced by images of their body. Soon, additional copies of their body appear in the image, as they become the trunk, branches, and sub-branches of a tree-like fractal. As visitors move their bodies, they can explore additional fractal patterns such as squares, triangles, and spirals in spectacular live animation.

Visitors can choose from one of four seasons, enhancing the tree metaphor with flowers, leaves, and wintertime snow. Using their RFID badges, visitors can capture images of their fractal creations and save them to their personal web account. Visitors can also choose to combine their fractal tree with another visitor’s, enabling even more complex, collaborative formations.

  • How Interactive Design Awards, Outstanding Achievement
  • Communicator Award, Interactive Media/Education (Silver)
  • Summit Creative Award, Interactive Media/Education (Gold)