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HARMONY is a prototype exhibit that mixes several new technologies to create a lightweight yet immersive media experience.

Designed with a musical theme, the program incorporates a curved truss of 12 LCD displays at staggered heights that surround the visitor with a floating strip of high-definition media. Several activities provide hands-free interaction using Microsoft Kinect and other emerging technologies. “Virtual DJ” spreads a mixing board across the displays, letting visitors combine live music tracks using simple hand gestures. “Shadow Composer” lets visitors bounce notes onto a music staff with their silhouettes, creating a song in the process.

Additionally, a music trivia quiz lets multiple visitors compete using wireless iPads as input devices, and a synchronized media show with original music crosses all 12 screens at 3x HD resolution. A next-generation multi-touch display serves as the remote control while presenting highlights from Blue Telescope’s portfolio through a custom gestural interface.

  • EXHIBITOR2011 Award, Best of Show
  • Summit Creative Award, Interactive Media (Gold)
  • Communicator Award, Interactive Media (Gold)