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For EXHIBITOR2012, Blue Telescope created See What Unfolds, an origami-themed installation demonstrating its cross-media technology and design capabilities.

Within the exhibit, a digital cut-paper river landscape folds across a bending wall of LCD displays onto a multi-touch tabletop. Origami creatures move through the landscape, including flying cranes, leaping frogs, and floating boats and lilies.

Visitors begin by placing a physical origami shape onto the tabletop, triggering a pop-up design interface. Visitors can create and decorate a virtual origami creature with color, texture, drawings, and photos. The completed creations are launched up the river into the virtual landscape, which gradually animates through the four seasons.

On approaching the wall, visitors see their images reflected back as cut-paper silhouettes. Using simple gestures, visitors can grab any origami creature and watch it unfold to reveal a photo of its creator.

The exhibit prototype seamlessly incorporates a blend of emerging technologies, including custom iOS apps, augmented reality, realtime 3D, gesture recognition, and Kinect motion tracking.

  • Communicator Award, Interactive Media (Gold)
  • Summit Creative Award, Interactive Media (Gold)