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The Interactive Deck Explorer lets visitors to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum virtually explore the decks of the vessel to uncover its history and technology.

The exhibit presents a series of six touchscreen displays set into a large tabletop. Visitors can navigate through 16 virtual ship locations categorized as ‘humanity’ or ‘hardware’ to reflect the organization of the history exhibits. Tapping each location provides photos comparing the space as it existed during the Intrepid’s active service with its current appearance.

On the tabletop, color-coded circles animate to illustrate each visitor’s interactions on a public scale. The circles float across the tabletop, highlighting selected areas on a large cutaway map view, while tether lines visually connect them to each user stations. The tabletop projection provides a shared navigation space while the individual displays let visitors explore content at their own pace.

  • Communicator Award, Interactive Multimedia/Education (Silver)