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Blue Telescope developed the Intrepid Interactive Timeline for the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum as a dynamic, multi-user interface for exploring the Intrepid’s history and context over the last century.

Users interact with large touchscreen displays embedded in a tabletop, navigating through 70 historical events dynamically plotted on a visual timeline. Users can move linearly from event to event or navigate through top-level historical eras. A custom content management system allows curators to modify text, photo, video, and interface elements without reprogramming.

A large scale projection covers the tabletop, featuring color-coded year indicators which animate to illustrate each visitor’s interactions. Selecting certain events triggers ‘pop-up’ photo elements, which emerge from the touchscreen displays onto the table, or large-scale animations that unfold across the tabletop. The mix of individual touchscreens and the large projection creates an experience that blends individual engagement with social interactivity.

  • Communicator Award, Interactive Multimedia/Education (Silver)
  • Event Design Award, Best Use of Media (Bronze)